Episode 1: April 1939

Welcome to the first earth-shattering episode of Legends of the Batman, the show covering everything Batman — from the beginning! The show’s premise is a simple one. Each episode, we cover a month of Batman, be it comic books, television, movies, whatever, starting with his first appearance in 1939.

As this is the first episode, your hosts Michael Kaiser and Michael Bradley talk a bit more in detail about the show’s premise and it’s origin, as well as their own history with the Dark Knight. They then get down to business with a look at Batman’s first appearance from DETECTIVE COMICS #27, which find Batman unraveling the mystery of murder and betrayal in “The Case of the Chemical Syndicate!”

Things We Learned:

  • Batman is more important than homework;
  • Commissioner Gordon likes to repeat things on the phone;
  • Batman and Bruce Wayne have the same taste in cars;
  • The basement isn’t always the basement;
  • Batman is really… OMG!

Images from Coverage:

The cover to DETECTIVE COMICS #27 by Bob Kane Michael and Michael always take their BFFs to crime scenes, too. Cue the Danny Elfman music! SOCK!

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3 Responses to Episode 1: April 1939

  1. Mike Poteet says:

    Michael and Michael — First of all, love the names. Second of all — great idea for a podcast! I enjoyed your first episode and commend you for taking on this project. Covering the entire history of such a storied figure is a daunting task, but I’m looking forward to following your efforts!

    I have to confess I am only a casual Batman fan at best: I don’t read any Bat-title except “Batgirl” and, with my 9-year-old son, the current Johnny DC “Brave and the Bold.” (Well, and the very occasional issue of “Superman/Batman.”) But I do enjoy the character, particularly in the Christian Nolan films; I have fond memories of watching the Adam West show in syndicated afternoon reruns as a little kid; and I’m certainly willing to learn more from your podcast. My knowledge of Batman in the comics is mostly from Miller’s “Year One” and “The Dark Knight Returns,” as well as the Loeb/Sale collaborations; and I certainly know there is much more out there.

    I do have one other fond Batman memory from childhood: when I was sick at home one weekend, my mother bought me the pocket-sized paperback, black-and-white edition of “The Untold Legend of the Batman.” I devoured it! I recently reacquired a copy via eBay, and was thrilled to find it holds up.

    Again, great job with the podcast and looking forward to much more!

    PS. I should also mention I have always been fascinated with the character of Man-Bat (a childhood book-and-record set really intrigued me), so I’ll look forward to hearing what you have to say about Dr. Langstrom and his alter ego when you (eventually) reach the 1970s!

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  3. Alisa says:

    I just found these pod casts, and I am a BIG FAN of Batman. I saw Batman with Adam West when I was 6 years old and loved it ever since. I even went as Batman on Halloween one year (and me being a girl). I am looking forward to listening to these wonderful podcasts. I have also started writing my own Batman Fan Fiction and posting them on my own Yahoo Group as well as on the Fanfic.net under Batman. Thanks for this.

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