Episode 6: September 1939

Welcome to episode six of Legends of the Batman, the show covering everything Batman — from the beginning! The show’s premise is a simple one. Each episode, we cover a month of Batman, be it comic books, television, movies, whatever, starting with his first appearance in 1939.

The head-butting is at a minimum this episode, as Michael Bradley is swayed towards the Dark Side and begins sharing Michael Kaiser’s opinion  of “The Batman vs. the Vampire” two-parter, which features Batman taking on the nefarious villain known as The Monk in the pages of DETECTIVE COMICS #32.

Things We Learned:

  • Proper ventilation holds no power over Batman’s gas pellets;
  • Batman doesn’t believe in female villains;
  • Using “The Tough Guy Handbook” for retorts doesn’t always work;
  • Vampires are quick, strong, immortal and can control magic nets;
  • Melting silver is way easier than you’d think.

Images from Coverage:

Reference Links:

  • While it’s impossible to improve on this story, Matt Wagner tried in 2006 with the Batman: Mad Monk mini-series.
  • The rap. Listen to the episode, you’ll understand.

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