About the Show

Welcome to Legends of the Batman! The premise of this podcast is to cover a month of Batman each episode, starting with his first appearance in Detective Comics #27 in 1939. No media is left unexplored, as the Dynamic Duo of Michael Bradley and Michael Kaiser explore comic books, radio, serials and more in an effort to find out who Batman is and how he came to be!

About the Hosts

Michael Bradley is a lifelong Superman fan, but thinks Batman is swell, too. He hosts his own podcast, “The Thrilling Adventures of Superman,” which can be found at GreatKrypton.com along with other comics and Man of Steel-related chatter. He also co-hosts Green Lantern’s Light, where he talks about more-recent adventures of the Green Lantern. In June 1997, Michael went with friends to see “Batman and Robin” in the theater and those friends convinced him to sit in the front row. He is no longer friends with them.

Michael Kaiser is a Captain America fanatic but still managed to get bit by the bat-bug at an early age.   He has no other shows to plug, but you can find him on Facebook if you want to be another one of his fake friends. Michael also went to see “Batman and Robin” in the theater, but can’t remember what row he sat in because he’s blocked the entire experience from his memory.