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Episode 6: September 1939

The head-butting is at a minimum this episode, as Michael Bradley is swayed towards the Dark Side and begins sharing Michael Kaiser’s opinion  of “The Batman vs. the Vampire” two-parter, which features Batman taking on the nefarious villain known as The Monk in the pages of DETECTIVE COMICS #32. Continue reading

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Episode 5: August 1939

It was bound to happen! After four episodes of peace, hosts Michael Kaiser and Michael Bradley butt heads over a story in an epic clash sure to go down in history, like those of Ali vs. Frazier, Montagues vs. Capulets and Red Sox vs. Yankees! The story in question comes from DETECTIVE COMICS #31 and finds the Batman battling on land, sea and air to save the life of Bruce Wayne’s fiancée when he meets a nefarious new menace in the form of The Monk! Will such a mammoth confrontation mean the end of the Batman — or the show?! Tune-in, Bat-fans, and find out! Continue reading

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