Top Picks

As each year is completed, Michael Bradley and Michael Kaiser take a time out to look back on the Batman’s evolution with a Year in Review episode. At the end of each of these episodes, the hosts offer up their top bests and worsts for that year, the results of which can be found below.



Duc D’orterre
Worst Villain
The Monk

Carl Kruger
Best Villain
Doctor Death

Detective Comics #33
Worst Cover
Detective Comics #33

Detective Comics #31
Best Cover
Detective Comics #31

(Batman vs the Vampire, Part 2)
Worst Story
(Peril in Paris)

The Case of the Chemical Syndicate
Best Story
The Batman Wars Against the Dirigible of Doom

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  1. Joshua Pardo says:

    Totally agree with both of you, loved Doctor Death and loved Detective 27

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